Let me share with you three guaranteed ways to do it. They really work just perfectly. Trust me — I’ve done all of them myself!

Step 1: Do everything according to others.

(It really helps if you think that you’re inferior to others.)

Step 2: Be naive about the “good intentions” of others.

(It really helps if you think that other people care about your wellbeing and not about their own profit.)

Step 3: Don’t set any boundaries and let yourself be humiliated.

(It really helps if you avoid conflicts at all costs.)



Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

If this saying were true, the lazy fat people who consume junk food daily would be among the wisest people on this planet.

(Along with regular smokers, video game addicts, or attention whores on Instagram.)

Repetition is not the mother of learning, but the mother of a habit.